woke up at my buddy’s place to find his cat spooning with my foot..

  1. Survive the apocalypse
  2. Find a girlfriend  


stuck up on the chair

the rough life of a lap giraffe

So I was sitting in the library earlier today, doing my homework, minding my own; when I began to over hear these two guys sitting at the table next to me. They were arguing back and forth with each other over something, I’m not sure what. Then it happened. Perhaps the funniest insult I have ever heard. Guy A finally got so fed up with the stupidity of Guy B that he blurted out, “You’re like the Ralph Wiggum of real life!” Just in the way he said it, the execution was perfect! In a quieter than usual library with people all around me I immediately busted out laughing. I mean it was loud. I’m fairly certain I made some people jump. It was awkward.

me at 3 in the morning, scrolling through tumblr when I really should be sleeping…

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